Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Up late and thinking...

So it's nearly 2AM and I can't sleep. Listened to the rain as it passed over earlier and now my mind is racing.

As a pastor, I am entrusted with the leadership of my congregation. I must lead that collective group of people according to my personal convictions along with the convictions of our congregation. I must also lead this group according to a common purpose and calling laid upon us by God. We have a God-given responsibility to reach the community around our church. All of this rests upon a healthy trust between pastor and congregation.

In your opinion, what builds that trust? For those of you seminary grads, I don't want the textbook answer. What solidifies your trust in your pastor, the man who leads the church you attend? Don't be idealistic either - I know you want Biblical truth, honesty, transparency, etc. Give me specifics, what are some specific instances where your pastor did/said something that emboldened your trust in him.



Jordan Easley said...

my dad always told me that trust only comes through battling together in the trenches with people. then and only then do they become your people... let them see you on the front lines.

Christi Lenihan said...

I can give you a specific example of when my trust was emboldened in you, long after you were "officially" my pastor - when you showed up at Children's Medical Center to sit, pray and laugh with my family during Michelle's cancer ordeal. Even though you had no official obligation to us anymore, you were serving us and the Lord in the midst of a great time of need for my family. At a time when our church failed to support us you were there as a reminder of how Christ wants us as believers to serve one another in His name and for His glory. That meant so much to me and to Michelle during a very difficult time for us.