Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fighting "Noise"

I am in another season of busy-ness in my life. I know that I have every right to be busy. It's inherent in what I do for a living. Always someone to visit, talk to, lesson to prepare, sermon to write, etc. I'm battling though because I know busy-ness often plays the enemy of effectiveness. I've disabled several of the "noise" factors in my life. In my desire to be connected, I engaged several social networking sites. I quickly noticed those all contributed "noise" in my life. I've trimmed it down to only Facebook. I stay connected, but I can control how involved I am with it. I've begun turning my phone off at several strategic points durig the week. I don't feel any less busy, but it does seem a little quieter. I am completing more things and in less time.

How do you fight noise in your life? Have you taken an inventory on the noise factors? Anything need to be quieted in your life?