Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blessed Deception

I've been reading through Joshua in my quiet time. I came to Joshua 9 this morning and wonder what you think...

If you know the story, skip down a paragraph. If you don't, keep reading. Joshua and the Israelites are coming into the land of Canaan; taking possession of God's Promised Land. They are destroying all the people they encounter and the surrounding regions are getting scared. The Gibeonites (from the land of Gibeon) don't want to be destroyed, so they play dress-up and deceive the Israelites into believing that they are from a far off land (when they're really from right next door.) Joshua covenants with them to leave them alone. After three days, they realize that these "distant travelers" are really their neighbors. However, rather than destroy them (like they were commanded) they keep their oath and covenant and they let them live and give them jobs in the camp.

So, how is it that deception ends up "blessed?" The Gibeonites, rather than being destroyed, ended up employed in the camp of Israel. On top of that, in Joshua 10, Joshua comes to their aid when they've gotten into battle "over their heads."

Is it Joshua's faithfulness to God that allows the Gibeonites to be blessed? Is it the Gibeonites willingness to try a plan that "just might work?"


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